Dne 15.2.2012 14:45, Jan Holesovsky napsal(a):
BTW - it is great that you are working on the help!  Do you want to
continue?  I think some of the new 3.5 features might need an update in
the help too - would that be interesting for you?

Hi Kendy,

you know that I would make no contribution without your advice how to 
Yes, I would like to be involved, supposing that someone could check my suggestions (my English is not good enough for that). Is there any coordination of such things like assigning of needed tasks, checking etc?

Can you please also confirm that your patch is under MPL / LGPLv3+
license?  The best way is to send a blanket mail to this list that this
is your preferred license for your past, present, and future
contributions to LO, and add yourself to the following wiki page
together with link to that mail [in an archive]:


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