On 14/08/2019 15.34, dreamn...@gmail.com wrote:
> Would be possible to re-create your build with the following
> autogen.input, and let me know if it worked for you?
> --disable-gstreamer-0-10
> --with-lang=es
> --with-myspell-dicts
> --with-distro=LibreOfficeLinux
> --enable-release-build
> --with-package-format=deb
> --disable-dependency-tracking
> --with-jdk-home=/your/path/to/your/jdk

I just ran 'make distclean', then updated autogen.input and started a
new build and will let you know of the result.

I put '--with-distro=LibreOfficeLinux' first, otherwise the
'--disable-gstreamer-0-10' flag is overriden by
'--enable-gstreamer-0-10' set in distro-configs/LibreOfficeLinux.conf,
so this is the content of the autogen.input I'm using:

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