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perhaps someone has an idea how to solve the problems with round dashes.

The problems are
LibreOffice applies the linecap not only to the true line ends, but to the dashes too. That might result in contradiction between DashStyle and LineCap (UNO enums). LibreOffice ignores the draw:style attribute of draw:stroke-dash element in ODF file format, it depends rounding of dashes on linecap. I see such behavior too in other application, which all do not have a special rounding attribute for the dashes. That includes MS Office, Corel Draw, Scribus and Browsers(SVG). But LibreOffice uses the DashStyle enum in several switches in the code and DashStyle is a published enum.
LibreOffice adds the linecap to the dash length and reduces the space between the dashes. I see that behavior in Browser(SVG), CorelDraw and Scribus too. But MS Office rounds the dashes themselves without taken any part of the space between the dashes.

You can skip the description below. It is only if you need some details.

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ODF defines the dash pattern in the styles.xml file. For example
  <draw:stroke-dash draw:name="Var3Dot2Dash" draw:style="rect"
    draw:dots1="3" draw:dots1-length="100%"
    draw:dots2="2" draw:dots2-length="300%" draw:distance="150%"/>
  <draw:stroke-dash draw:name="Fix1Dash2Dot" draw:style="round"
    draw:dots1="1" draw:dots1-length="0.5cm"
    draw:dots2="2" draw:dots2-length="1.5cm" draw:distance="0.3cm"/>

The line style itself has in its graphic-properties (relevant attributes only) for example

Possible values of draw:style attribute in the pattern are "rect" and "round". Possible values of svg:stroke-linecap in the line style are "flat", "square" and "round". From this definition, you would expect, that rounding of dashes is only defined by the pattern and rounding of the line ends is defined by the linecap.

UNO has the enum DashStyle in com::sun::star::drawing with values
RELATIVE corresponds to the ability to have dash length relative to line width or not. That exists in ODF too as you see in the examples.
And UNO has the struct LineDash with its components
The naming DOT and DASH is misleading, because always DOT corresponds to 'dots1' of ODF, and DASH corresponds to 'dot2', regardless of the length given in DOTLEN and DASHLEN. For linecaps exists the enum LineCap { BUTT, ROUND, SQUARE }. BUTT means the same as "flat".

OOXML has the line attribute cap, with values rnd (round), sq (square), flat. OOXML describes the dashing pattern with a sequence of Dash Stops elements, each with Dash length and Space length, all length values relative to line width. Despite of 'dot' in the names od prstDash presets, there exists no special pattern element 'dot'.

SVG describes the line cap in the stroke-linecap attribute and the pattern in a stroke-dasharray attribute, which too has dash&space pairs. SVG uses length with unit and percent values.

VML (Fallback in Word) uses the stroke element with attributes dashstyle and endcap. The pattern is a series of number pairs for dash length and space length, relative to line width. VML has some preset names with 'dot', but here too the pattern does not provide a special 'dot' item.
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