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If the Red Hat Developer Toolset is the answer, that would mean that the OS adequate to produce distro-agnostic deb and rpm packages is Red Hat or CentOS?

Yes (matching the "Linux: Runtime: RHEL 7 or CentOS 7" in the "The build chain and runtime baselines" section of README.md in the root of the LO core git repo).


Butt, with the help of all you guys, we managed to solve the issue for our own distribution, although we would have loved to offer 32-bit distro-neutral deb packages for anyone else. But, who knows, maybe in fact is not worth the effort, given the tiny amount of downloads that prompted TDF to shutdown the release of binaries for this architecture.

On Linux, typically each distro produces LO binaries for all the architectures supported by that distro, so there is likely less demand anyway for generic binaries offered from a central place (unlike is the case for e.g. macOS and Windows). But your attempt is appreciated!
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