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Luboš Luňák wrote:
> [gbuild issues]
>  Is there a list somewhere?
While searching BZ for open issues on gbuild, this very apropos quip
came up:

 "mst: the magic of autoconf, randomly enabling features depending on
  what's installed on the build machine --_rene_: that's only magic of
  broken autoconf scripts -- mst: when's the last time you saw
  non-broken autoconf script?"

I'm not massively enthusiastic to touch something as central as
gbuild. That said, there's also a cost having to rely on something as
complex as that, and being the only project maintaining it. Broadly,
people are moving away from autotools and make, so innovation
(e.g. the IDE integration like CMake recently got blessed with) will
increasingly happen elsewhere.

So the ESC basically said "let's hear the meson sales pitch first".


-- Thorsten

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