I've identified what I believe to be a bug in the titling on the video currently at https://media.libreplanet.org/u/libreplanet/m/richard-stallman-explains-free-software-on-software-freedom-day-2016/ and there is no clear contact information displayed. I'm guessing LibrePlanet is involved in this video, hence I'm posting this here.

Around 13m20s the video shows a title listing the place one can get license recommendations. This title is incorrect -- it reads:


and it should read


as the extra "/gnu.org" will get the visitor to a 404 error.

Perhaps this can be fixed and the video re-rendered and updated on this media.libreplanet.org page?

As a side note, rms doesn't need to say "dot HTML" anymore; the gnu.org pages I've tried (including this license recommendations page) appear to work fine without that suffix.


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