Hi all,

There are some interesting innovations in open hardware, whether it is
the NAS[1], the router[2] or something big like the food computer[3]

Looking at the food computer, however, I see that people are still
making up kits one at a time and the cost is therefore quite steep (one
kit maker[4] advertises $4,350).

For any given project, assuming finance is available to build an initial
order in bulk (e.g. 100 or 1000 units of whatever), how can a project
take the step into mass production?

Can anybody make any suggestions about:

- is China the way to go?  I frequently hear success stories from
companies who moved production there and I assume many of the parts
originate in that region anyway even if a device is assembled elsewhere.

- are there any companies that people have worked with to source things
like this in China or elsewhere?

- can anybody share any links to any reading material or other advice on
this topic?



1. https://www.crowdsupply.com/gnubee/personal-cloud-1
2. https://omnia.turris.cz/en/
3. https://danielpocock.com/hacking-the-food-chain-in-switzerland

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