Le 5 août 2017 21:21:18 GMT+02:00, John Sullivan <jo...@fsf.org> a écrit :
> Daniel Pocock <dan...@pocock.pro> writes:
> > I've seen various communities having debates about whether to adopt
> > Discourse of similar forum software instead of a mailing list.
> >
> > Has anybody already prepared any objective wiki pages or blogs
> comparing
> > mailing lists to forums and itemising each of the issues to be
> considered?
> >
> > Rather than repeating the same discussions in many places, it would
> be
> > useful to link to something that covers it comprehensively.
> >
> > With Discourse in particular, each time it comes up somebody
> comments
> > that it has a "Mailing list mode" option in the settings and
> suggesting
> > it is a drop-in replacement for a mailing list.  In practice, I've
> > observed that the mailing list mode is better than what other forums
> > offer but I feel it is somewhere between alpha and beta quality when
> > compared to established mailing list software.  If the developers
> really
> > wanted to they could make it a full replacement for mailing lists
> but
> > that doesn't appear to be a priority for them.
> I'm not aware of any, but I think that's a good idea, since I've seen
> the same conversation many times too. The libreplanet.org wiki could
> be
> a good place for it?
> -john

Nothing will prevent repeating constantly same discussions.

Just try a convenient limitative list of keywords to find a topic on an 
internet search engine and result is almost always void or, at option, fills 
numerous pages with non-significant matches.

On the over hand, Google groups given during several years convenient sets of 
results. So maybe to build a inn server from scratch coupled with mongodb would 
do the drill.

But that will never replace a convenient set of humans coupled via an ML.

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