Back in April, the C++ standards committee met in Lillehammer, Norway to discuss extensions to the C++ language and library. The Library Working Group portion of the committee decided to create a second library technical report (called TR2) containing additional libraries for C++. Technical reports are not official standards, but it is likely that they will become standards and that vendors will implement them. For reference, the list of proposals that became TR1 is here:

http://www.open-std.org/jtc1/sc22/wg21/docs/ library_technical_report.html

I am the author of another signals & slots library (Boost.Signals), which shares much of its interface with libsigc++ 2. At the aforementioned committee meeting I asked if there was any interest in including signals & slots in TR2 and receiving and overwhelmingly positive response.

I propose that the developers of libsigc++ 2 and Boost.Signals collaboratively write a proposal to include signals & slots functionality in TR2. The deadline for this proposal will be mid-September, before the next C++ committee meeting. I've been through the proposal process and regularly attend committee meetings, and I can confidently say that work on this proposal will be gladly accepted by the library working group for TR2.

We've discussed this previously, but I think it's time to buckle down and get it done. Our previous discussions resulted in a comparison between the current states of the libraries, here:


We can definitely start by writing up the common parts of the interfaces (which should be quite large!) and then hammer out the little details in the end. The proposal will likely differ slightly from both libraries, but that's fine. However, we should avoid major deviations from existing, working code because those tend to make committees nervous.

What say you?


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