On Mon, 2019-10-07 at 12:01 +0100, Stuart Dootson wrote:
> From some quick Googling, it looks like the best/easiest way to alter
> the PATH for the test environment is to use "cmake -E env" as an
> intermediate executor that sets the environment for your test
> executable, and using CMake generator expressions to retrieve the
> correct file & directory paths for the targets involved. This yields
> the following add_test command:
>   add_test (NAME ${test_name}
> I've implemented that & tested it (seems to work - the tests all
> pass) on my Windows machine & pushed the commit to a fork of
> libsigc++ @ 
> https://github.com/studoot/libsigcplusplus/commit/2a332883d6ee20970d965b0907ca04fc1e2f1289
> . I also tried making a test deliberately fail & that was detected as
> well, so it looks like tests are executed correctly.

Many thanks for that. I have now merged the pull request with a version
of that commit. So now any libsigc++ commit will get some testing with
MSVC too.

If you happen to know how to turn on warnings-as-errors in the
CMake/MSVC build, and maybe how to turn on some more warnings, we might
get something useful from MSVC. Please do create a Pull Request if you
figure that out. Thanks.

Murray Cumming

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