On Mon, 17 Oct 2016, Peter Stuge wrote:

I've attached my current git diff master state for review as well as testing. It has a couple of things which still need to be done, but is already functional.

The diff also includes a few unrelated cleanups; a few type issues and not using RSA if the crypto backend does not implement it.

Here's some quick first questions/notes:

Which axTLS version or versions does this work with? (I couldn't even figure out how to build axTLS 2.0.1 so I didn't try it out yet)

Your configure check doesn't work at all like the other crypto backends and it doesn't seem to support a custom install path. I would expect that you be fairly common with this crypto lib. Does it even ship a pkg-config file itself? It also adds a requirement for the pkg-config autoconf stuff, which I guess I'm fine with but I know that in other projects that make people uncomfortable because it adds more prerequisits to the build process.

src/axtls.[ch] don't use our source code style: tabs, wrong indent level, long lines, starting brace in function declaration on the wrong line, case + return on the same line.


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