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Hello Gary,

Hallo Ralf,

I would like for 2.1b to be released when the libltdl memory fault on
Cygwin is fixed and I've managed to put Charles' documentation patch
into a somewhat more general form. And NEWS documents very clearly all
other regressions that we should be caring about.  If you want to add
one, then let's discuss that.  And if you have a test failure on some
system and see an easy fix, then I'm all ears, too.


But other than that, I'm simply going to have a blanket "No", and it's
going to get more capitalized with time.  Let's release with all the
suboptimal and ugly and duplicated code that we have.  We've had more
than three years now where we were too lazy to fix it or not to
introduce it in the first place.  So let's live with it now.  If this
keeps going on for long, I'm going to invest less effort in saying no,
too: patch reviews take time, too, time that also pushes a release
further away.  This one for one has taken way too much of my time


Thanks again for the review.  I'll apply those changes to my patch and
maintain it in my quilt stack until post-2.0, then resubmit.

No.  Please no more factoring.  The last factoring changes cost months
if not years to get bug free. Please pick one of the regressions if you want to fix something. If you rather want to fix test failures, please
say so, and I will post a couple of open ones.

I'll start by making the longhand changes to the copyright notices I
posted here:

http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/libtool-patches/2007-02/ msg00146.html

And then I'll help work on regressions and testing for 2.0.

We can merge all the changes from the masters of getopt.m4sh and
general.m4sh somewhere down the line.

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