Charles Wilson wrote:
I'll whip up a patch and post it to the newlib list.

So, I posted the following:

However, there's no telling how long it'll be before a new cygwin kernel is released that includes the patch, and besides, libtool ought to work on current and reasonably recent cygwin kernels. So, how should libtool address this issue in the interim? Always use libltdl's argz stuff on cygwin, until <further notice: version check on uname, etc etc>?

If so, how do we induce that -- asking users to:

export ac_cv_func_argz_append=no;
export ac_cv_func_argz_create_sep=no;
export ac_cv_func_argz_insert=no;
export ac_cv_func_argz_next=no;
export ac_cv_func_argz_stringify=no;
export ac_cv_header_argz_h=no

before configuring is unacceptable, yes? Maybe use a SYSTEM_ARGZ_BROKEN symbol and set it on cygwin? Ralf, any ideas?


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