've reworked the AIX driven patches based on the discussion around
patch "[3/4] Use POSIX nm to simplify AIX export_symbols_cmds."

Previous patch "[1/4] Fix func_echo_all inside configure." is not
required any more, although it still makes sense to be committed.

Previous patch "[2/4] AIX: Do not rely on OBJECT_MODE env var being set."
now is "[1/3] AIX: use proper ABI flags in search for toolchain" and
requires the gnulib patch "early check for PowerPC AIX object mode",
although that one still is waiting for attention by gnulib developers.

Previous patch "[3/4] Use POSIX nm to simplify AIX export_symbols_cmds."
now is "[2/3] support POSIX nm, prefer POSIX nm for AIX", and addresses
Peter's concerns in above discussions:
* respect the user provided NM value
* work with (user provided) NM (even without BSD- or POSIX-flag)
* more strictly check for nm's POSIX interface
* emit a warning when the user provided NM fails to mark weak symbols

And finally, patch "AIX: Stop exporting any _GLOBAL__ symbol." still
applies for more robust g++ exception handling.

Indeed the patches feel more straightforward now.

Thanks for reconsideration!

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