i’ve had a look again at libtool.m4 and don’t really get why RM is set wrong. 
obviously the _LT_CONFIG macro literally requires _LT_FILEUTILS_DEFAULT, which 
should set RM to ‘rm -f’. I also found several uses of $RM with different 
options, sometimes even ‘-f’. So actually i am not sure what would be the best 
solution here.

right now i could change the patch like proposed by Eric Blake to the one i 
attached. It will at least fix the direct problem i encountered. But maybe for 
the long term, someone should check and maintain the whole libtool.m4 file?!

kind regards

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> On May 9, 2016, at 1:59 PM, Roumen Petrov <bugtr...@roumenpetrov.info> wrote:
> Christian wrote:
>> so today i gave it a shot again and put a debug output right before the ‘$RM 
>> “$cfgfile”’. For some reason RM is set to ‘/bin/rm’ only. no ‘-f’. i’ll try 
>> to figure out where that might come from.
> Perhaps build package is libxslt .
> Issue is already reported many times. Project use AC_PATH_PROG to find rm 
> command.
> May be change variable name to lt_RM is solution
> Regards,
> Roumen

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