Follow-up Comment #2, patch #9341 (project libtool):

Then I'm wondering why libtool does actually support the cc_basename=cl with
host_os=cygwin at all.

Anyway, my final goal is beyond the MSVC toolchain: I'm about to rework the
old patches
adding support for the MSVC wrapper called "Parity" (at for now), which does:
* not require specific environment variables for MSVC, but can find MSVC from
the Registry
* convert Unix to Windows path names as necessary
* provide GCC like commandline options
* provide gcc3-style dependency tracking
* set up the final binary's std-stream mode to O_BINARY
* provide some additional system headers (stdint.h, dlfcn.h, ...)
* emulate some runtime loader features, on Linux known as embedded runpath,
* probably more

We do use it on Cygwin (now, since Interix is gone) within Gentoo Prefix, to
maintain an ecosystem using the native MSVC toolchain, configured in the
"lying" way with --build=i586-pc-winnt --host=i586-pc-winnt - which is similar
to "multilib" actually.

That is, I'm about to prepare libtool patches to support the *-*-winnt host
triplet, which feels a lot more correct for MSVC than using --host=mingw32 -
and should support unwrapped cl.exe as well.

But as the application's O_BINARY setting may vary for host_os=winnt then, I
prefer to 'diff --strip-trailing-cr' rather than testing for another host_os -
or even current binary setting.

Thus the idea is to have the testsuite setup not depend on $host_os, but just
ignore CR if possible - as the test programs all have textual output only.



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