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Thanks for the follow up, this gave me a much clearer idea of the underlying issue that you're trying to solve. I really do appreciate you taking the time to help improve `libtool'.

You're absolutely right that `libtool' completely bungles the use of `--whole-archive' and `--no-whole-archive' which I see as a high priority issue. In several build systems I've built in the past I have needed to apply manual patches to `libtool' to work around this, and I plan on merging changes to fix this soon ( I'm taking my time to create test cases ).

I don't pretend to understand the associated issues, but please take care that libtool does not promote solutions which only work with GNU ld (or linkers designed to perfectly emulate GNU ld) on a limited set of targets.

Libtool is a portability solution to encourage development of software which is able to compile and run on many targets, even if the authors of the software have never experienced those targets.

Linking static libraries into shared libraries is a complex topic and is a reason why libtool offers the clumsy/inefficient "convenience library" mechanism since it assures that the objects were compiled properly to be used in the library they are linked into.

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