On Thursday, January 12, 2017 3:02:59 PM CET Arun Sharma wrote:
> In Feb 2006, I submitted some libuwind patches [1], which were
> motivated by my inability to tolerate a horribly outdated linux
> distribution at my employer at the time. I was trying to develop on a
> newer x86_64 distro that didn't have frame pointers and had to support
> heap profiling.
> A decade has passed, the world has moved on and as you may have
> noticed, I haven't done a great job of keeping up with patches.
> Fortunately, Dave Watson has stepped up to take over. As you may have
> noticed he has been posting patches to the mailing list and has made a
> queue of all patches posted to the list in the last year or so. He'll
> be going through them, vetting them and will be looking to make a more
> current release in the coming months.

Great news! Thanks Dave for stepping up - this is such an important FOSS 
project, it made me sad to see that noone really had the time to take proper 
care of it. Much appreciated!

> I believe libunwind continues to have a special place in the community
> after all these years because of the unique value it provides. Use it
> anywhere you want -- that includes any hardware, anywhere in your code
> (including malloc), many open source OSes, any type of software -- and
> still get a stack trace.
> I'll continue to be active on other open source projects. I've met a
> lot of great people over the years due to my association with
> libunwind. Thank you for everything. Please support Dave with testing
> (I'm thinking of you aarch64 and mips folks) and reviews he needs to
> make libunwind more awesome.

Thanks to you Arun for doing such great work in the past!

Milian Wolff

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