Below is what I plan to send to libusb-devel. If there are elements that 
you would like to see, or items that you would like me to amend/correct, 
please let me know within the next 24 hours.]
In order to be in a better position to answer, and provided there aren't 
delays, I'll probably post this on Thursday morning rather than (late) 
Wednesday evening (EU time).




To "celebrate" the 2 year anniversary of the last libusb public release, 
which we think is proof enough that libusb is effectively a dead 
project, and very much so as far as the general public is concerned, 
quite a few of us (Segher, Vitali [before he went to pursue other 
endeavours], myself, Hans, Ludovic, Xiaofan, Travis, Michael, Nathan...) 
have decided that we cared enough about users to decide to participate 
in a fork of libusb.

This fork, which we call libusbx and which is intended as a drop in 
replacement of the current libusb library, contains pretty much all the 
improvements and bugfixes that one would expect to find in the next 
libusb release... were it ever was to happen, as well as a few other 
improvements. We do have a clear yet ambitious roadmap [1], with already 
a couple releases under our belt (v1.0.9 was released, internally, 2 
weeks ago and v1.0.10 was released this Monday), and we will do our best 
to deliver, where libusb failed to.

Therefore, if you are tired of the lack of progress/releases from 
libusb, or from having to deal with a project that doesn't seem to go 
anywhere, you are strongly invited to visit, or our 
SourceForge page at to check 
us out.

And of course, as subscribers of libusb-devel, you are much welcome to 
join our own mailing list ( by going 
to and 

With Hans onboard, libusbx is already set to replace libusb on the next 
Fedora release, and we very much expect other distros to follow suit, as 
we will become more and more relevant to the USB developer community.

Finally, in order to concentrate fully on libusbx, I will add the 
following which is effective immediately as far as I am concerned:
- I am ceasing all maintenance & support activities for the Windows 
implementation of libusb. Because libusbx contains a libusbx-pbatard 
branch (though much of its relevant content has already been merged with 
mainline libusbx), if you are interested in Windows support and 
development, you are strongly invited to head to libusbx, as this is 
where it will happen.
- I am will also cease participating in libusb-devel, this list, though 
I plan to reply to this specific thread if there are questions.

With libusbx as a serious contender, we hope that the deplorable libusb 
situation, which prompted this fork, will become a thing of the past and 
that regardless of what libusb chooses to do (or not do), libusbx will 
solve all concerns you have with regards to the future of the library, 
and in a most effective manner!




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