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I talked with Nicolas and Mr.ceyusa in the yesterday and early morning of today. I think I have made them get the situation of state-less Video Acceleration Unit(VPU) and Rockchip for VA-API driver. We both agree that creating a new C API bindings to V4L2 is making wheel again. Mr.Ceyusa suggest that there could be a middle library to parse those codec settings to V4L2 extra controls array, and push back to Gstreamer, leaving the V4L2 related job to Gstreamer. I agree with him. I think the Gstreamer then could get rid of hardware detail, even not need to know internal data structure in kernel driver of codec parameters. Later, the ad-n770 joined us. He gave me some idea about the relationship with VA-API and DXVA2. I found we do need some extra data beyond those data used by VA-API to reconstruct a frame, it is a limitation in HW. We better regard this kind of HW to a Acceleration Unit rather than Full decoder/Encoder. Also ad-n770 pointer out that it seems that Rockchip HW could do the reodering job, which is not need actually as it is done by Gstreamer, but I am not sure whether the Hardware does and I could disable this logic. I am sorry I can't attend the conference in Berlin. But I hope we could keep in discussion in this topic, and offering more information to you before the meetings. Currently, I would still work on VA-API framework and I am learning something about codec through a book, I hope that it make me explaining the situation easily.

Randy Li
The third produce department
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