2016-09-16 18:35 GMT+02:00 Jason Miesionczek <jmiesionc...@datto.com>:
> Second round of patches based on recently complete code review. Going
> to submit patches in much smaller chunks, starting with this one. Future
> patches will be submitted as each previous patch is reviewed and merged.

1-commit flow isn't ideal either.

If I could just look at commit 1 alone then I would not have
understood how you're going to use this new 2-level string lookup

As John suggested you should try to work in smaller chunks, like 4-6
commits at a time. And also try to keep them grouped by topic.

You should avoid having multiple independent things in one patch, like
the new types and the table generation or the autostart functions and
the general invoke functions. Do one thing per commit and ensure that
each commit can stand alone, e.g. the code compiles and works cleanly
after each commit.

For example the first commit adds some new types. The second commit
uses these new types.

But those two commits would not add the string table. This would
either be a separate commit or be part of the commit add the gen
general code the uses the string table.

Matthias Bolte

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