On 09/19/2016 05:25 PM, Jim Fehlig wrote:
On 09/19/2016 09:48 AM, Martin Wilck wrote:

I am seeing a slightly annoying behavior of libvirt-created networks on
my system. Whenever a VM fails to renew its DHCP lease in time (for
example because my laptop is suspended), the IP address changes,
causing various annoyances. If this happens, the log message
"DHCPNAK(virbrX): ... lease not found" appears in the libvirtd logs.

Looking at the dnsmasq code, it seems that this would be fixed by
running dnsmasq with the "dhcp-authoritative" option, which, according
to the dnsmasq man page, "should be set when dnsmasq is definitely the
only DHCP server on a network" - IMO that's the case for libvirtd-
managed virtual networks. So the question comes to my mind: is there a
good reason why libvirtd doesn't set "dhcp-authoritative" on the
dnsmasq instances it starts?
I've searched the list archives and didn't see any mention of the
'--dhcp-authoritative' option, so the reason may be that no one has made such an
inquiry :-). If it has been discussed and I missed it, Laine most likely knows
something about it.

Nope, this is the first I've heard of it.

A small bit of detective work shows that OpenStack neutron adopted use of this
option a while back


...but for a completely different reason - they were encountering problems when they restarted their dnsmasq, because they didn't keep a leasefile.

After reading Simon's mail, and the openstack patch and description, it isn't clear that this will actually solve your problem. Have you tried it? (to test it, you should be able to just kill dnsmasq, add the option to the dnsmasq conf file referenced in its commandline, then restart it with the same commandline. libvirt will no longer know where the dnsmasq process is (since you will have changed its pid), but otherwise it should operate okay)

If that does solve your problem, we could consider a patch to add it. Do you know the first version of dnsmasq that had this option? Hopefully the answer is "very old" so we don't have to check for support.

In a related discussion, Simon agrees with using '--dhcp-authoritative' when
dnsmasq is the only dhcp server on the network


I also stumbled across a complaint about using '--dhcp-authoritative' on a
network with multiple dhcp servers, but I can't find that now. I'm not sure if
there are use-cases for multiple dhcp servers on a single libvirt virtual 

Yeah, I don't think that should ever happen with libvirt's networks (unless somebody comes up with a network that is bridged across several hosts, and they want each host to have a DHCP server, or something like that. *I'm certainly not going to do that though :-)

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