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> Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 10:22 PM
> >>
> >> 'max_instance':
> >>     Read-Only file. Mandatory.
> >>     Returns integer.  Returns maximum mdev device could be created
> >> at the moment when this file is read. This count would be updated by
> >> vendor driver. Before creating mdev device of this type, check if
> >> max_instance is > 0.
> >
> > Didn't we discuss this being being something like "available_instances"
> > with a "devices" sub-directory linking current devices of that type?
> >
> I'm ok with 'available_instances' as name of this file.
> Yes, mdev device directory will have links to devices of that type. I
> think that is part of mdev core module discussion. I'm trying to list
> sysfs files for libvirt interface here to focus more on libvirt
> interface. Hence didn't add that. I'll make sure to add all such details
> in future.

Definitely you need provide those details since they also contain
libvirt interface, e.g. 'destroy' which we discussed should be in
mdev directory. Another example is class-specific attributes such
as 'resolution', etc. which you listed under 'display class'. All those
attributes should be moved to mdev directory. Only class ID is
required under each type.


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