On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 02:12:41PM +0200, Pavel Hrdina wrote:
Pavel Hrdina (17):
 qemu_process: move qemuProcessStartValidateGraphics to correct place
 qemu_command: remove xenner leftover from video device code
 tests: fix some QXL capability combinations that don't make sense
 qemu_capabilities: join capabilities for qxl and qxl-vga devices
 qemu_capabilities: mark QEMU_CAPS_VGA_QXL capability as deprecated
 qemu_capabilities: rename QEMU_CAPS_VIRTIO_GPU_VIRGL
 qemu_capabilities: detect properties for virtio-gpu-device
 qemu_domain: move video validation out of qemu_command
 qemu_process: move video validation out of qemu_command
 qemu_process: always check capabilities for video devices
 qemu_command: separate code for video device via -vga attribute
 qemu_command: pass only video device to qemuBuildVgaVideoCommand
 qemu_capabilities: check for existence of virtio-vga
 qemu_command: properly detect which model to use for video device
 qemu_command: cleanup qemuBuildVideoCommandLine
 qemu_command: introduce enum of secondary models for video device
 qemu_command: add support to use virtio as secondary video device

59 files changed, 802 insertions(+), 1215 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 tests/qemuxml2argvdata/qemuxml2argv-video-virtio-gpu-sec.args
create mode 100644 tests/qemuxml2argvdata/qemuxml2argv-video-virtio-gpu-sec.xml
create mode 100644 tests/qemuxml2argvdata/qemuxml2argv-video-virtio-vga.args
rename tests/qemuxml2argvdata/{qemuxml2argv-video-qxl-sec-nodevice.xml => 
qemuxml2argv-video-virtio-vga.xml} (77%)
create mode 100644 

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