Hello all, 
This is my first mail to this list, so let me introduce myself. My name is 
yuanzhi cao, and I work in the oVirt team. Currently We are using libvirt lxc 
in large-scale and found that libvirt can't destroy container process normally .


 System: zesty
 libvirt version: 2.5.0-3ubuntu5
 vm rootfs release: ubuntu:16.04
 1. Run command "virsh -c lxc:// start vm" and the release of vm is xenial
 2. Run command "pa aux|grep init" ,you would find the pid of init launch by vm.
 3. Run command "virsh -c lxc:// destroy vm".
 4. Run command "virsh -c lxc:// list --all" and "ps aux|grep init" ,you  could 
find that vm is shutoff, but the init process launch by vm is  still running.
Infact I have found the case of this bug, there is a patch after 1.3.1 that 
import this bug.
 Commit: dc576025c360a1d2c89da410d0f3f0da55d0143f [dc57602]
 Parents: 511e7c5bba
 Author: Daniel P. Berrange <berra...@redhat.com>
 Date: 2016年1月23日 GMT+8 上午12:07:18
 Commit Date: 2016年1月27日 GMT+8 上午12:11:32
 lxc: don't try to hide parent cgroups inside container
Cgroups inside container does't hide parent, so the process of container can 
change it own cgroup to  another cgroup.
 lxc destroy process by read cgroup tasks file,if process change it own 
cgroup,it can't destroy container process normally.
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