On Tuesday, 7 November 2017 14:05:25 CET Martin Kletzander wrote:
>  - Jansson [3] - I really like this one.  The API seems very intuitive,
>                  it has nice documentation [4] in readthedocs (and I'm
>                  not talking about the visual style, but how easy is to
>                  find information), it can be used for formatting JSON
>                  in a similar way we are doing it.  It has json_auto_t
>                  (optional) type that uses the attribute cleanup for
>                  automatic scope dereference (just in case we want to
>                  use it), it has iterators... did I tell you I like this
>                  one a lot?
> What do you (others) think of switching the JSON library?  Do you know
> about any other projects that could be used considering license,
> platform support, etc.?  Also feel free to fix any mistakes I might have
> posted.  I double-checked it, but you know, "trust, but verify".

FYI: libguestfs just switched to Jansson [1], so any version starting
from 1.39.1 will use it instead of Yajl.  In case of libguestfs, yajl
was used directly, without wrappers of any sort, and the switch was


Pino Toscano

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