On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 02:38:02PM +0100, Pino Toscano wrote:
On Tuesday, 7 November 2017 14:05:25 CET Martin Kletzander wrote:
 - Jansson [3] - I really like this one.  The API seems very intuitive,
                 it has nice documentation [4] in readthedocs (and I'm
                 not talking about the visual style, but how easy is to
                 find information), it can be used for formatting JSON
                 in a similar way we are doing it.  It has json_auto_t
                 (optional) type that uses the attribute cleanup for
                 automatic scope dereference (just in case we want to
                 use it), it has iterators... did I tell you I like this
                 one a lot?

What do you (others) think of switching the JSON library?  Do you know
about any other projects that could be used considering license,
platform support, etc.?  Also feel free to fix any mistakes I might have
posted.  I double-checked it, but you know, "trust, but verify".

FYI: libguestfs just switched to Jansson [1], so any version starting
from 1.39.1 will use it instead of Yajl.  In case of libguestfs, yajl
was used directly, without wrappers of any sort, and the switch was


I do have a working virjson.c implementation in my local git waiting to be
polished and sent. The issues with libvirt were:
* virjson.c storing numbers as a string
* backwards compatibility (AFAIK we want to support building on
 RHEL/CentOS 6, which did not have recent enough jansson - for the
 _foreach macros, at least 2.5 is needed)
 If we really need to maintain two implementations side-by-side,
 one of them should have an expiration date.

I don't see any version check in that libguestfs commit, what are the
compatibility requirements there?


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