> > In terms of background & border, IMHO, it really should be the white
> > background - the logo doesn't stand out well when you have it on the
> > green background. Green background is ok for the wbsite banner as we
> > don't want the logo to be too distrating, but for a promotional sticker
> > having a prominent bold style is desirable.
> >
> > I'm undecided whether having a green border or not is neccessary. If
> > we have the border, the logo has to be slightly smaller, to allow
> > it space it breathe within the border. Do you have any reference of
> > what other proojects have done wrt borders ?
> To answer my own question:
>   http://hexb.in/
> There's no real majority either with or without borders.

In general, most probably no, but vast majority of the ones I have put around
my working space follow a simple pattern - the border is just a few shades
darker than the artwork area.


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