On Tue, Mar 06, 2018 at 09:47:02AM -0500, John Ferlan wrote:
> Rather than use the to be deprecated "change" command, use the
> change-vnc-password command to perform VNC password changes instead
> of the set_password command. Since changing VNC password only
> accepts "keep" for connect and that's the default, no sense in
> vectoring through "set_password" as we've already checked that the
> XML 'connected' was set to "keep" in virDomainGraphicsAuthDefParseXML.

This explanation doesn't make any sense to me.

Currently, we try 'set_password' first, and if that's not present
we fallback to the legacy "change" method. This is fine because
all QEMU since 0.14 have supported "set_password", so we only
need 'change' for really ancient QEMU.   "set_password" works with
both SPICE and VNC.

The "change-vnc-password" method was only introduced in 1.1 QEMU,
so there's never a situation where we would not have "set_password"
and yet have "change-vnc-password".

I'm rather puzzelled why  "change-vnc-password" was added to QEMU
at all, since it seems to be entirely less functional than
'set_password' which already exists.  Thus I don't see any benefit
in using it from libvirt.

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