On 03/10/2018 04:19 AM, Michael Corcoran wrote:
> Hi All,


> I'd like to enquire about the status of libvirt-snmp. It hasn't had any
>  commits for a couple of years and no longer compiles against recent
> versions of net-snmp.

Yes, your observation is correct. libvirt-snmp is no longer maintained.
The build problem you ran into is just the tip of the iceberg. The
biggest problem IMO is that originally sources were generated using a
script from net-snmp package. While it did the trick back then it
rendered sources unmaintanable.

> As I understand it, upstream net-snmp deprecated
> and then removed the C type "U64" as it conflicts with Perl.
> Fortunately this is the only issue and the patch required to get
> libvirt-snmp building again simply replaces the C type "U64" with the
> type "struct counter64" in a few places. I tried to  submit a patch but
> was unable to configure authentication/encryption correctly for git
> send-email and I'm unwilling to spend more time on it. Is there any way
> to accept patches directly from Github (or anywhere else I can push a
> commit)?

Ah, let me see it that will fix the build. .. .. ..  And it does. So
another trick to send a patch is to attach it to an e-mail sent to the list.

> My second enquiry relates to the org OID used in the LIBVIRT-MIB. It
> currently uses a (presumably) placeholder of 12345. I check the OID
> register[1] and found an entry for libvirt (see end of email). I am
> guessing that registration didn't go through until after libvirt-snmp
> maintenance stopped. I'd like to submit a patch to replace the
> placeholder with this org id also.

Yes, the registration did not go through. In fact it hadn't even
started. Again, any patch is more than welcome.


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