❦  6 avril 2018 12:01 +0200, Michal Privoznik <mpriv...@redhat.com> :

> So I went through all callbacks (even transitive ones) and I've found
> two problems:
> umlProcessAutoDestroyRun -> umlProcessAutoDestroyDom -> virHashRemoveEntry
> qemuDomainSnapshotDiscardAllMetadata -> qemuDomainSnapshotDiscardAll ->
> qemuDomainSnapshotDiscard -> virDomainSnapshotObjListRemove ->
> virHashRemoveEntry
> While me (and probably Peter :-)) don't care about the first one, the
> second one is a real issue. I guess we need to fix that one before this
> can be merged.
> On a positive side, I haven't spotted any other problem. So once qemu
> (and possibly uml) are fixed this can be merged as is.

I updated the patch with the other small issue you noticed, but not this
one (didn't spot an immediate lock to use and got not time to dig

FI, we didn't run into any problem so far and we are running a patched
libvirt on all our hypervisors (with QEMU).
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