On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 11:10:34AM +0100, Daniel P. Berrangé wrote:
The last use of qemuMonitorMigrateToCommand was removed years back in

 commit 2e90c9daf9eabe15d826a48c06607acb9d18fda6
 Author: Daniel P. Berrange <berra...@redhat.com>
 Date:   Fri Nov 6 16:50:26 2015 +0000

   qemu: assume support for all migration protocols except rdma

Prior to that commit, 'exec:' to used to replicate the 'unix:' protocol
by spawning 'nc'.

Signed-off-by: Daniel P. Berrangé <berra...@redhat.com>
src/qemu/qemu_monitor.c | 31 -------------------------------
src/qemu/qemu_monitor.h |  4 ----
2 files changed, 35 deletions(-)

Reviewed-by: Ján Tomko <jto...@redhat.com>


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