Problem background

The LXC driver has support for the filesystem types "file" and "block"
that allow a disk image to be mounted in the guest (container). [1]

However, when user-namespace is enabled (uid/gid mapping is used) the
mount of the root filesystem block device fails. [2]

According to "man 7 user_namespaces":

        Mounting block-based filesystems can be done only by a process that 
        CAP_SYS_ADMIN in the initial user namespace.

Suggested approach
Mount the root file system block device before the clone() call, then set
filesystem type to VIR_DOMAIN_FS_TYPE_MOUNT and filesystem source to the folder
where it was mounted.

Issues encountered

This patch series implements the basic idea of the mentioned approach.
In result, a container with configured idmap and NBD filesystem is able to 

However, on guest shutdown this kernel error [3] occurs.

Similar messages [4] occur on shutdown when NBD filesystem is used with LXC
container without idmap.

Perhaps, one reason could be that on guest shutdown the LXC driver kills 
process without sending disconnect for the specified device.



Radostin Stoyanov (3):
  lxc: Make lxcContainerMountFSBlock non static
  lxc: Move up virLXCControllerAppendNBDPids
  lxc: Mount NBD devices before clone

 src/lxc/lxc_container.c  |  58 +------------------
 src/lxc/lxc_container.h  |   4 ++
 src/lxc/lxc_controller.c | 145 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------------
 3 files changed, 87 insertions(+), 120 deletions(-)


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