On Sat, May 05, 2018 at 12:48:42 -0500, Chris Venteicher wrote:
> Some architectures (S390) depend on QEMU to compute baseline CPU model.
> Interacting with QEMU requires starting the QEMU process and completing one or
> more query-cpu-model-baseline QMP exchanges with QEMU.
> This patch set depends on qemuMonitorGetCPUModelBaseline function exposed by
> "query-cpu-model-baseline QMP Command" patch set discussed previously on
> libvir-list.

Since patch 1/7 changes some code introduced in the series implementing
query-cpu-model-baseline support, please send patches for both series at
once next time and (as already suggested by Collin) squash the changes
to the patches which introduced the code you're fixing here in 1/7.

Overall, I think the approach of making the monitor API work on
CPUModelInfo is better than the one using CPUDef because the monitor
code in general does not have all data it could potentially need to
perform the translation.


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