Jiri Denemark writes ("Re: [libvirt] Likely build race, "/usr/bin/ld: cannot 
find -lvirt""):
> On Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 07:57:40 -0500, Eric Blake wrote:
> > Can you add that line directly into Makefile.am, or does doing that 
> > cause automake to complain and/or omit its normal rules because it 
> > thinks you are overriding its defaults?
> Yeah. It doesn't complain, but it omits its normal
> install-modLTLIBRARIES rule which mean nothing will be installed.
> However, the error is still reported so there are other libraries which
> are not in mod_LTLIBRARIES affected too.

I did a web search for "automake add dependency" and ended up at a
stackmumble page which referred to EXTRA_a_DEPENDENCIES.

  (automake-1) Program and Library Variables
which says

     It is also occasionally useful to have a target (program or
     library) depend on some other file that is not actually part of
     that target.  This can be done using the '_DEPENDENCIES' variable.
     Each target depends on the contents of such a variable, but no
     further interpretation is done.

     Since these dependencies are associated to the link rule used to
     create the programs they should normally list files used by the
     link command.  That is '*.$(OBJEXT)', '*.a', or '*.la' files for
     programs; '*.lo' and '*.la' files for Libtool libraries; and
     '*.$(OBJEXT)' files for static libraries.  In rare cases you may
     need to add other kinds of files such as linker scripts, but
     _listing a source file in '_DEPENDENCIES' is wrong_.  If some
     source file needs to be built before all the components of a
     program are built, consider using the 'BUILT_SOURCES' variable
     (*note Sources::).

     If '_DEPENDENCIES' is not supplied, it is computed by Automake.
     The automatically-assigned value is the contents of '_LDADD' or
     '_LIBADD', with most configure substitutions, '-l', '-L', '-dlopen'
     and '-dlpreopen' options removed.  The configure substitutions that
     are left in are only '$(LIBOBJS)' and '$(ALLOCA)'; these are left
     because it is known that they will not cause an invalid value for
     '_DEPENDENCIES' to be generated.

     '_DEPENDENCIES' is more likely used to perform conditional
     compilation using an 'AC_SUBST' variable that contains a list of
     objects.  *Note Conditional Sources::, and *note Conditional
     Libtool Sources::.

     The 'EXTRA_*_DEPENDENCIES' variable may be useful for cases where
     you merely want to augment the 'automake'-generated '_DEPENDENCIES'
     variable rather than replacing it.


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