Hello all,

I am using Arch Linux 5.3.13-arch1-1 and libvirt 5.9.0.

After I made a linux update (sudo pacman -Syu), I got the new, libvirt version 
mentioned above.

But soon after I realized, while programming in eclipse, that copy paste does 
not work anymore. After couple of tries, when I try to copy some lines of code, 
it freezes for a short time, and looses the copied text in the clipboard.

I converted the VM's into vdi and continuing to work with virtual box. There, 
on the same laptop and the same VM, I don't have that issue!

Is this a known issue? I really need a fix urgently, since I ve got other VMs 
which are optimized for KVM.

I ve also post this issue to stackoverflow:


Many Thanks, Dincer

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