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          [PULL 00/11] Migration 20231018 patches

And here we are, at v7:
- drop black line at the end of deprecated.rst
- change qemu-iotest output due to warnings for deprecation.

The only real change is the output of the qemu-iotest.  That is the
reason why I maintained the reviewed-by.  But will be happy if anyone
of the block people ack the changes.

Thanks, Juan.

On this v6:
- Fixed Markus comments
- 1st patch is reviewed
- dropped the RFC ones.

Later, Juan.

On this v5:
- Rebased on top of last migration pull requesnt:

- address markus comments.  Basically we recommend always
  blockdev-mirror + NBD.  In deprecated.rst we also put the posiblity
  of using block-incremental and block, but we state that they are
  also deprecated.
  I know, I know, I deprecated them in the following patch.

- Dropped the removal of block-migration and block-incremental I am
  only interested in showing why I want to remove the -b/-i options.

Please review.

Later, Juan.

On this v4:
- addressed all markus comments.
- rebased on latest.
- improve formatting of migration.json
- print block migration status when needed.
- patches 7-10 are not mean to merge, they just show why we want to
  deprecate block migration and remove its support.
- Patch 7 just drop support for -i/-b and qmp equivalents.
- Patch 8 shows all the helpers and convolutions we need to have to
  support that -i and -d.
- patch 9 drops block-incremental migration support.
- patch 9 drops block migration support.

Please review.

Thanks, Juan.

On this v3:

- Rebase on top of upstream.
- Changed v8.1 to 8.2 (I left the reviewed by anyways)
- missing the block deprecation code, please.

Please, review.

Later, Juan.

On this v2:

- dropped -incoming <uri> deprecation
  Paolo came with a better solution using keyvalues.

- skipped field is already ready for next pull request, so dropped.

- dropped the RFC bits, nermal PATCH.

- Assessed all the review comments.

- Added indentation of migration.json.

- Used the documentation pointer to substitute block migration.

Please review.

Hi this series describe the migration parts that have to be deprecated.

- It is an rfc because I doubt that I did the deprecation process right. Hello 
Markus O:-)

- skipped field: It is older than me, I have never know what it stands
  for.  As far as I know it has always been zero.

- inc/blk migrate command options.  They are only used by block
  migration (that I deprecate on the following patch).  And they are really bad.
  grep must_remove_block_options.

- block migration.  block jobs, whatever they are called this week are
  way more flexible.  Current code works, but we broke it here and
  there, and really nobody has stand up to maintain it.  It is quite
  contained and can be left there.  Is anyone really using it?

- old compression method.  It don't work.  See last try from Lukas to
  make a test that works reliabely.  I failed with the same task years
  ago.  It is really slow, and if compression is good for you, multifd
  + zlib is going to perform/compress way more.

  I don't know what to do with this code, really.

  * Remove it for this release?  It don't work, and haven't work
    reliabely in quite a few time.

  * Deprecate it and remove in another couple of releases, i.e. normal

  * Ideas?

- -incoming <uri>

  if you need to set parameters (multifd cames to mind, and preempt has
  the same problem), you really needs to use defer.  So what should we do here?

  This part is not urget, because management apps have a working
  option that are already using "defer", and the code simplifacation
  if we remove it is not so big.  So we can leave it until 9.0 or
  whatever we think fit.

What do you think?

Later, Juan.

Juan Quintela (4):
  migration: migrate 'inc' command option is deprecated.
  migration: migrate 'blk' command option is deprecated.
  migration: Deprecate block migration
  migration: Deprecate old compression method

 docs/about/deprecated.rst      | 35 +++++++++++++
 qapi/migration.json            | 93 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------
 migration/block.c              |  3 ++
 migration/migration-hmp-cmds.c | 10 ++++
 migration/migration.c          | 10 ++++
 migration/options.c            | 22 +++++++-
 tests/qemu-iotests/183.out     |  2 +
 7 files changed, 152 insertions(+), 23 deletions(-)


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