On 02/23/2018 05:21 AM, Riccardo Ravaioli wrote:
> Spot on! The script qemu-ifup was indeed the cause of the problem. It's
> a dummy script that only does "exit 0" and it was apparently needed in
> the past with old versions of libvirt.

Only if you previously used interfaces of type='ethernet' that required
some external action when the interface was started.

> I see examples on the net  where
> it is used to configure interfaces with shell commands. I don't need it.
> I see that everything works fine without the <script
> path="/opt/oa/etc/qemu-ifup"/> line, for vhostuser and ethernet
> interfaces. Are there any side effects or can I safely remove that line?

Since that line is causing an error when you try to start the domain
(since it is not supported or allowed for type='vhost-user', nor has it
*ever* been supported as far as I know), definitely remove the <script>
line from your config.

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