I am trying to compile Libvirt from the source code on windows using msys2 but 
keep hitting issues while running `./configure`. 

> checking whether C compiler handles -Wno-suggest-attribute=pure… yes
>  checking whether C compiler handles -Wno-suggest-attribute=const... yes
> checking for how to force completely read-only GOT table…
> checking for how to avoid indirect lib deps... -Wl,--no-copy-dt-needed-entries
> checking for how to stop undefined symbols at link time…
> checking sys/acl.h usability... no                                            
> checking sys/acl.h presence… no
> checking for sys/acl.h… no
> checking for aa_change_profile in -lapparmor… no
> checking for pthread_mutexattr_init… no
> checking for pthread.h... (cached) no
> configure: error: A pthreads impl is required for building libvirt 

Does anyone have any experience compiling Libvirt on a windows machine ? 
Specifically I am trying to enable hyper-v domain on Libvirt.


Reza Shahriari

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