First, let me say thanks for some great modules!

>There is actually no easy way to do that.  They are inserted by the
>protocol module when it feels they are appropriate.  Can you explain
>why you need them to to go away?

I need them to go away because I want Perl to look just like an application that 
normally requests the data I'm looking for. The app doesn't write "Connection" or "TA" 
headers, so I don't want Perl to write them either. After all, why bother spoofing a 
user-agent string if you proceed to send some other headers that immediately 
fingerprint you as a perl script?

>The "Connection: close" will go away of you pass the keep_alive option
>to the LWP::UserAgent.  If you insist hard on the "TE" header to be
>disabled you you try something like:
>  push(@LWP::Protocol::http::EXTRA_SOCK_OPTS, SendTE => 0);
>before you send your first request.

Thanks! That succeeded in nuking the "TA" header. But, I'm still getting the 
"Connection" header when I use:
  my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new(keep_alive => 1); 

I've simply managed to change the "Connection: close" into "Connection: Keep-Alive".

Any advice, or am I stuck?


ps. I also looked at Net::HTTP as a lower-level option for what I'm doing, but I need 
the proxy feature from LWP::UserAgent.

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