On Fri, 23 Jan 2004, Justin Cook wrote:
[...HTML saved from browser and fetched with LWP appear different...]
> going on here? Is it the difference between a dynamic page and a static
> page being posted to?


> Am I not recieving all the chunks of response in
> time to get the transaction id? Is my regex just plain lame?

Could be (I haven't checked).

> I'm a
> semi-newbie and have played with this for several days but to no avail.
> Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Change your script to save the response data (ie. the HTML) you fetched
with LWP to a file.  Compare it with the HTML you saved from your browser.

If you find the data LWP is fetching seems wrong, you have to figure out
what LWP is doing different from your browser -- if you get stuck there
after some effort, ask here again.  If you find that the data LWP is
fetching seems OK, debug your parsing code.


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