I've been kicking around the idea for this module for a few days now and I'd like to 
commit it to code.  The module I'm proposing would be called C<HTTP::Multipart>.  It 
would accept an C<HTTP::Response> object and determine if it indeed does contain a 
multipart HTTP message.  If it does then the passed object would be cloned once for 
every part in the message and the 'Content-Length', 'Content-Type', and 
'Content-Range' headers would be adjusted along with the C<content> value to reflect 
one of the parts.  Then a list of non-multipart C<HTTP::Response> objects would be 
returned.  I believe this would simplify handling multipart responses.

1) Is this a good idea?
2) Is HTTP::Multipart a good name?
3) Is it appropriate to require C<HTTP::Response> objects?  Would just requiring 
objects to be ISA C<HTTP::Message> or C<HTTP::Headers> be better?
4) Should there be an C<HTTP::Multipart> object that contains a list of modified 
C<HTTP::Response> objects or would a class method be sufficient?
5) if a class method is sufficient, would should it's name be?  (ie., C<parase>?)




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