I'm not sure if it's the right place but it has something to do with
www library and other net libraries.
Here is my code :

my $pop = Net::POP3->new($server, Timeout => 60);

   if ($pop->login($login, $passwd) > 0) {
     my $msgnums = $pop->list;
     foreach my $msgnum (keys %$msgnums) {
       my $msg = $pop->get($msgnum);
        print "My mail -> @$msg\n";

I want to split each lines of my mail (stored into @$msg)
Well, $msg is the reference of the array storing the mail response, Am I right ?
So when i use @$msg i'm getting the value the array reference with
$msg ? Still right ?
So why when i'm trying to use 'split('\n',@$msg);' i got returned a
'weird' number ?

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