On Fri, 10 Mar 2000, Justin Wells wrote:

> Any thoughts on this and other UCITA issues? 

UCITA scares the you-know-what out of me. I spent a few years in a mercantile
profession, and UCITA is as far from the existing commercial code as you can
get. Implied warranties are necessary, but they shouldn't apply to software
that is not sold. Commercial laws in general follow common sense and logic.
Customers expect to get what they paid for and merchants expect to get paid for
it. But UCITA gives so much legal power to the merchant that it threatens to
permanently damage or destroy the domestic software market.

I mean, Chrysler Corp has less interests in my financed automobile than a
software company would have in my software, yet I have a *signed* contract with
Chrysler! I suspect that the US public will not long put up with a with this
law. To buy a house one engages attorneys and title companies and signs
numerous contracts, but no real estate company will ever have the power a
software company gets through the consumer's act of removing plastic wrap.

David Johnson...

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