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> Hi Thomas,

It's Thorsten ;)

>> In addition to that, in most European countries, there's not only
>> the Copyright law, but this droit d'auteur thing.
> I'd be interested to learn how does this changes copyright licensing in
> practise?

Copyright law is bound to a work, while "Urheberrecht" (German term) is
bound to a person (ie, the author).

I won't write more because I don't know everything and don't like to
publish half-truths, maybe someone else may help.

> I don't fully see how "to the maximum extent permitted by law" wouldn't cover
> the situations you are worried about?

You know, lawyer speak is difficult. I've thought about it, but
explicitly saying "Yes, I'm responsible and I didn't put in a
trojan horse by will" into the licence text at least has a
psychological effect.

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