Hi there -
We are building a professional open source company and are curious which
open source license you suggest we use.  Our goal is to build a profitable
company around dual licensing - providing an open source version of our
product and a commercial version of the product.  
We feel that a software company built around an open source product will
first significantly reduce our sales and marketing costs.  Second, we expect
the open source version will greatly reduce barriers-to-entry to our product
from both a partner ecosystem perspective and more importantly a customer
acquisition perspective.  Finally, we flat out believe that delivering an
open source product will enable users/customers to have a more direct voice
in the building of the product which will result in a better product.
We plan to translate this combination of factors into a lower cost product
offering that will delight end-users.
Our goals for the open source license and commercial license are:
1. Enable partners and customers to easily enhance/enrich/expand the product
through "GPL-like" conditions
2. Allow our company to roll 'contributed open source code' into our
commercial release.  What do you think about the Mozilla Public License?  Or
the eCos open source license (
3. The ability to sell our open source code line as a commercial release
    a. With additional modules contributed to our open source project
    b. With additional value-add modules not in the open source product 
    c. With full support, maintenance, warranty and indemnification

So with that said, which open source license do you think best meets those
I appreciate your advice.
Clint Oram
Co-Founder and VP Products & Services
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