I'm looking for an OSI-approved open-source license to use for a library.
There are so many licenses that I think at least one of them should match
what I need, and it would take too long and too many braincells to read and
check them all. Here are the main requirements:
1. it should allow linking the (original or modified) library to any program
and distributing the program in binary form under any license, without any
2. it should force the library itself (original or modified) to be
distributed under the same open-source license; the modified source code
should be made available for free or at a price that only covers
distribution costs, under the same license.
If possible, the license should also match FSF's definition of free software
and maybe "copyleft" too.

Somebody recommended the wxWidgets (wxWindows) library license. It is almost
perfect, except it seems to allow distribution of modified versions of the
library in binary form under any license. I'd like to avoid that, if
I know I can't expect legal advice from you; I only hope to get suggestions
about which licenses I should consider.


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