The LGPL fits these requirements.

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Sent: Saturday, May 08, 2004 7:48 PM
Subject: looking for a license

> Hello,
> I'm looking for an OSI-approved open-source license to use for a library.
> There are so many licenses that I think at least one of them should match
> what I need, and it would take too long and too many braincells to read
> check them all. Here are the main requirements:
> 1. it should allow linking the (original or modified) library to any
> and distributing the program in binary form under any license, without any
> restriction.
> 2. it should force the library itself (original or modified) to be
> distributed under the same open-source license; the modified source code
> should be made available for free or at a price that only covers
> distribution costs, under the same license.
> If possible, the license should also match FSF's definition of free
> and maybe "copyleft" too.
> Somebody recommended the wxWidgets (wxWindows) library license. It is
> perfect, except it seems to allow distribution of modified versions of the
> library in binary form under any license. I'd like to avoid that, if
> possible.
> I know I can't expect legal advice from you; I only hope to get
> about which licenses I should consider.
> Thanks
> Adrian
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