Hi all,

We have a product that is currently submitted using the LGPL license.
Our product is a virtual machine + a class library. Our users create
products using the class library and deploy their products with the class
library and the virtual machine.

We now want to change the license from part of the product to another one
that states:

1. our software is and will ever be open-source
2. their software can have any license they want
3. they cannot distribute our software to their customers (or anyone else)

We're migrating to an "annual subscription" mode, so that we can raise funds
to keep the software open-source (and keep us altogether)

The LGPL is perfect for 1+2, but not for 1+2+3.


1. Which licenses do you think (OSI-approved) that could fit on these

2. In case we want to create a new license, how much time does OSI takes to
approve it? We have now a deadline (well, everybody does! ;-)).

3. If we take an already-approved license, like (just example) mozilla one,
must we keep the license exactly as it is (with all references to mozilla),
or can we replace the mozilla one by our product's name?

Thanks in advance


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