I haven't followed your required format for submission directly, because there really isn't any legal change from ZPL 2.0 to ZPL 2.1, just a convenience for people who wish to create new software and use the license (without having to modify it directly)...

We have just made a tiny change to the ZPL from 2.0 to 2.1,
essentially to separate the copyright holder(s) out of the license, so
that people who add on software to Zope can reuse the same ZPL
license, without having to edit the embedded text to change the
copyright to themselves.

Since no other terms have changed in any way, I assume that this would
continue to earn your blessing as "OSI Certified", but it's always
safer to ask specifically than to assume.

We've made the change on our website, but haven't announced it yet,
and haven't changed the headers in any of our code to reflect this, so
if there is a problem, it's not too late to change anything.

Here is a pointer to the main description page:


And embedded there, and directly here, is a link to the updated
license itself:


Thanks in advance for taking a look at this!

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